Mushroom Checklists


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Dianna Smith Lending Library

COMA has a large collection of mycology books donated by former COMA president, Dianna Smith, that are available for lending to COMA members. See for the list of titles. The collection is housed at the Bartlett Arboretum Library in Stamford, CT.

The North American Mycological Association (NAMA)

As a member of any one of the other 80 N.A. associated clubs, you are eligible to also become a member of NAMA, the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) at a reduced annual rate of $25. NAMA members are eligible to attend their annual and regional forays, receive the bi-monthly newsletter, The Mycophile, featuring articles on mushrooms, cultivation, medicinal mushrooms, dyeing with fungi, toxicology reports, prize-winning photos, national forays and a host of other fascinating topics. NAMA also lists contact information on all of the associated clubs in the U.S. and Canada. You can join NAMA through PayPal at

Recommended Websites is a frequently updated educational site created by former COMA President Dianna Smith to provide the amateur mycologist access to informative lessons, presentations, photos and descriptions fungi common to our local ecology in the Northeast. This website also includes a series of scholarly articles on the subject of fungi by writer and educator Bill Bakaitis. is an archive of the educational offerings of the beloved mentor Gary Lincoff. houses a thorough photographic archive of past COMA walks.

ELEANOR YARROW SLIDES – Eleanor Yarrow was an amateur mycologist who studied mycology with Sylvia Stein and Dr. Clark Rogerson. She was a mycology instructor at the New York Botanical Garden for several years, until she died of cancer in 1972. She was a wonderful photographer and took photos for teaching purposes. She tried to show the important features of the species to help the students in their identification. After her death, her husband, Leo Yarrow, donated her slides to the New York Botanical Garden, where Dr. Sam Ristich and Sylvia Stein spent many hours cataloging them for the Garden. Dr. Clark Rogerson, who was the curator for the slides, gave COMA permission to copy them for their own use and to put them on a website for teaching purposes, and here they are now, to educate and delight the public.

MUSHROOM PHOTOGRAPHY is an archive of photography prepared by former COMA member Peter Katasaros (1926-2007). is the most reliable online field guide to mushroom morphology assembled by Michael Kuo. allows us to verify the most current species name.


Spores Illustratedis the premier publication of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association. The newsletter is published quarterly and current issues are  an exclusive benefit for COMA members. To read past issues of Spores Illustrated visit the archive.

Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming

Fungi Magazine